Best Stretches to Relieve Low Back Pain

best stretches for lower back painYeah happy here I know you’ve been working really hard and you can put your body through a lot. So wanted to switch it up a little bit and show you some of my best stretches for lower back pain.

I work at my desk a lot. And I am also on the computer browsing a lot in addition to work and

Videos and stuff. But it causes me to have a lot of back pain sometimes that get up and stretch it out. So i’ve come up with a routine my five back and most favorite back stretches for you to really attack the

Slow region right here. Plus if you’ve been doing a lot of what is the legless you’re not really pulling even at your lower abdominal your back is a really gonna start hurting. So this is great to really stretch it out

Also can help increase your posture is to make you feel really anything and if you get a little cracks in there which some kind of response cracky. Michael Traci like get that a lot feel so good and great K. So please follow this routine with me to alleviate any back pain that you had and have a lot of fun. So I want you guys to go ahead and green it you’re like scored into cross-legged position. And bring one are breaking up with me other one back .ends meet wrong again 3d. Just like that King feel your whole fine strainer all the way to they. Really call back here in healthy male. Big hug you our push a little bit harder

Fielder are look behind you 10. Now you really start doing that low back. A little bit more 3 to you line

Police work. Help that hand on the other and me when pressed him back and look back. Good and you make at one side and more flexible than the other let it go in half an old haven’t helped push push. Speaking let it go home testing frozen cuz I have it apparently that sucks on a decade. So I need to go watch sex I love to me. All right keep pushing in hell Axtell press a little bit farther your still sitting tall

And pressed back really really good. Now the next move is your torso twist. Now I wendy is when I A with

In middle school probably in q1 beginning a p/e when they think he stretched like 10 structures or something. Well this is one of them but they actually work. Sewing to do is go ahead and bring

One me up yet he likes 3.0 hungry that lol here and pressed against it yes like that. Ifill although me right here on the side of your lewd your saddlebag area as well as your back. Keep pressing in healthy you know. D of filthy mouth lips in to relieve. Don’t hold back to your attention. Tahoe Basin lead cool an ego

Sorry guys I that to meet and give them a lot Lovato reason. And look ahead and bring it on to the others play pressed elbow against like a crack here. I’ll no ending a crack yeah it really proud attack. And he holding pack run all the way in how to handle wrong helm Mary good and bringing acclimate work. Okay so it now what you do is home onto your belly. So carefully push yourself all the way down right here. Now

We’re gonna go into whole gram. So both hands right by your shoulders owned perhaps yourself all the way up. You really feel that chest open up. He really didn’t feel low back right there in heaven knows.

Hex other than now. Good now right here this twist like to add to it then one lol looking back at the heel

Really feel that great. I feel it and behavior lol look at me in this. Life give us that a few more times impress

Nice work. 21 right now and one more and coming hardaway very good. Okay now this is called the Scorpion. If you don’t have that much less flexibility don’t open as wide as I do but if you do it feels really good. Okay so when you to relax your hand down their sizes also palms flat K. And we wouldn’t you is open a bottle Paul. And tap behind you anything at all the way back okay. So top-line although nap really good for opening up. That lower body area slowly take that me down have behind you and slowly come down. If you can do that open every back. You work to your limit. You know that you can get. The workout with stretch that you need to get better. Okay care if the NDP more bold home tap you needed yen tap one more. Ballroom 10 right pair. Actually work. The green your hands all right buyers have lift a break here. Finally we’re going to the cat dog to really stretch out that low back area okay. So what I want to do

Is to crore last year shoulder is in your upper back into the ceiling. Set that belly button in right here. In Hell on the exhale I want you to stick your body up in the air just like that. To Matt and have a ball soup great hearing your low back match your tables do -2 made available low incomes below it your behold it and the ring to flip it over. Cal just like that. And that we’re gonna come down %uh something happen now. All exhale through the mail me hell. And axe Hill. Bea utiful. Few more times they were really pressing

Upper back into the ceiling and pushing your buttons happy dime. Couple more. Lift all lower. Once more. Linked and lower. All the way into a sitting position. So those owners that I go through when I’m at home I’m sitting at the desk I feel really tight and tense I can feel my lower back anymore. And it gets really bad sometimes. So that’s what I love to do you sometimes they also take tennis balls and place them under my back and I kinda roll around it actually feels like someone massaging you. Maybe at some point I can show you doin how do that little has love you want to see. How how you tennis balls to massage my back. And i’ll other kinds pains me feeling your body because it’s important not only to work out and be active. But also no honey near your body into recovery that’s why on the monthly calendars and make sure

To get your rest day or recovery days that you can really fully heal and then Kate that week on

Like a monster. I get her monster a possum out there. Thanks so much guys. I love u NP meeting by p

Out me this will be a little bit you now then turn again why did you free go ahead and cut down on you me what you did just like this feeling lengthening right here you’re growing that’s fine open it long back.