Hip and Lower Back Pain and Relief


How  many times can sleep Phillips founder and CEO trigger point performance. When I’m gonna talk to you about today is it hit the lower back discomfort and pain. We’ve had somebody email list and ask us what actually do about that situation. Now we do have our him or bag kid in with that gives you the programming the process. It actually gives you a break down and buy mechanics but right now what I wanna provide to you is a very simple solution understand why you may be having lower back pain

And at the end of the day what you can do about. Here’s our very quick simple analysis of what can contribute to lower back pain. Now in life you know somebody as tall as he is or somebody is as short as I am i mean it’s just the reality by mechanic for biomechanics now. The difficulty is as tall as he is

He’s looking down the talk to me. It one of those realities of life right. So we’ll end up happening is your kinda leaning down to talk to people. Now what this does is it put in effect on the knee and I put in effect on the ankle. When you do and I just go and stand straight up for me than just cuddling down that way.

She got that weight distribution up the upper body. So that has to do with just her height it’s just what you get. The other side of the equation is just base of Obama can it alive what happens our

The knees and up don’t forego hand for with the knees the but goes back in the pelvis killed. A friendship to the side for me there. Now let me explain this to you here real quick. What happens here’sthe knee the foot the hip are all strain because we’re working on this weight distribution of the upper body. So here what we do is we’re gonna first address the lower leg shooting get more dorsiflexion in the foot. Then we’re gonna go up in the quad area here and what we’re going to do here is redefined this link tension relationship between the hip and knee. Now want to go there were gonna go up into the show as. So we’re going to redefine this this linkage relationship in the torso will go into the pair for most will hit picked major/minor and then we’ll go into the teens fun. Now the reason we’re doing all this is because what you put this lordosis into the lower back. First we have to redefine the way that the foot hits the ground then we have to work our way up the Connecticut chain up the body but if you see we’re putting kinda boss Paul come right here in the lower back. Right here into the help 45 area. So what happens is you compress this area. So you really start to shut off the neurological be the lower extremity but up into the T spine area you’re creating this its boss Paul come here as well because you don’t have to be anywhere else to move from. So what we’re gonna do by redefining the lead to two relationships between these areas want to give you more dorsiflexion the foot go and stand up straight form. What we redefined the quad relationship then we’re going to allow you to link from the torso and have me stand up straight. Take care yourself remember healthy body is a healthy mind. Look for talking to you next time.