Vegan diet and lower back pain

Back pain dietIf  you can watch my videos you know that i’ve had some pretty amazing health results over the past 30 months on my low-fat whole food weekend. I one thing I haven’t talked about is my lower back pain. I’m

Pretty much tougher to lower back pain all of my life but in my fifties it became pretty bad. And my doctor said that basically I had degenerative disc disease a and I mean a debate up and take some pain pills

Live with. It the alternative was surgery he didn’t recommend surgery unless I just absolutely had to have it. So thats pretty much what I did. And going through the heart have but quadruple bypass and cancer and those treatments and being confined to be an all the things I went through Italy maybe lower back pain worse. Well I really didn’t expect this but about a year into well was in a year and my vegan diet. A suddenly realize I don’t have lower back pain or then sort of a gradual thing I guess in the beginning I thought it was a fluke. But now I have absolutely no lower back pain. And I was to the point where when I get up in the mornings I did us deflated saw me walk for the first half hour and then I was pretty much miserable all day. And it really kept me from doing the things that I would like to do. I’m so the question is about vegan diet at have anything to do with the lower back pain go away after. So for with it for. You know couple decades at least. I don’t know. I did lose over 45 payday loans are still have more to lose

And maybe just like carrying a white guy or an was enough to fix a lower back pain. I don’t know. Or maybe it was better Boyd flow to those vertebra. I’ve read that the basic cause a degenerative this disease is like a boy flow in that area as we get older in our arteries. And or I guess arteries are more restricted would get less blood to that area. And I’m now that i’ve been loving and I for 30 minutes i’ve had some pretty amazing results with my other the other aspects of my health. Maybe it carried over into this time. Whether it was losing weight or better board flow. One thing I do know for sure it was well vegan diet because I would not have lost the way for the better but flow without it. So do I think a vague and I will cureeverything. I’m beginning to wonder about that. So until next time thanks for watchin two years.