Anadrol 50® (oxymetholone)

ANADROL HUBEIAnadrol 50® – is the trade name of oxymetholone, a potent oral androgen. This drug was first released in 1960 by the international pharmaceutical Syntex Corporation. Since oxymetholone is considered to be an effective means to increase the production of red blood cells, it has a characteristic of all anabolic / androgenic steroids effects on the body and is very effective for the treatment of severe cases of anemia.In this regard, it was very popular for some time. But lately a lot of new agents for the treatment of diseases such as anemia, especially popular non-steroidal hormone Epogen (erythropoietin). This hormone is a much stronger effect on the number of red blood cells and does not lead to severe side effects of androgens. Falling interest Anadrol 50® and a decrease in sales caused Syntex reduce the production of this drug in the US in 1993. Around the same time reduced its production in other countries. Plenastril decreased production in Switzerland and Austria, and then Oxitosona release in Spain. Many athletes feared that the production of Anadrol 50® will be phased out entirely. But the latest research in the field of HIV / AIDS showed that oxymetholone can be used in this regard. It turned out that this steroid has the characteristics required for the treatment of debilitating and deadly diseases like AIDS and can be used in such cases. Again aggravated interest to the drug in 1998, helped to renew its production and sale in the United States. It is sold under the same name Anadrol 50®, but another firm Unimed. However, Syntex continues to market the drug and licensed to its production in many countries, but under other names.

Anadrol 50® is considered one of the most potent steroid hormones including selling, and of its effects on the body are often accompanied by severe side effects. Novice athletes experimenting with oxymetholone, usually recruited from 9 to 13 kg of muscle mass in less than 6 weeks, taking 1 or 2 tablets per day. This steroid usually causes significant accumulation of fluid in the body, thus largely increasing the weight associated with this. But many athletes do not give it enough attention, as they see significant results of the action of this hormone as compared to other means. Although due to fluid retention, muscle does not look quite vividly and attractively, but this is offset by their volume and strength qualities. Furthermore, all contribute to the better reduction of muscle and protects them from injuries, since excess fluid improves the quality of the lubricant in the joints and connective tissues. The muscles become more elastic, and the risk of injury during a weight training decreases significantly. It should be noted that the too rapid growth of muscle mass can lead to high loads on the connective tissues of the joints. Very often rupture of the biceps and pectoral muscles during exercise by lifting weights associated with taking potent androgen, causing the rapid growth of muscle tissue. Pronounced estrogen promotes the development of gynecomastia. Athletes are particularly susceptible to the effects of estrogen, as well as those who would like to make their muscles more relief, we recommend taking Nolvadex® during each cycle.

It should be noted that the steroid is not immediately converted to estrogen in the body. Oxymetholone is a derivative dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the structure is not exposed to the aromatization process. In this regard, it is unclear why the hormone is estrogen, such pronounced side effects. Some researchers have suggested that it has progestational activity, such as nandrolone and estrogen generally is not. This explanation seems very plausible, as the side effects of estrogens and progestins are very similar.However, we have not met any scientific study of this phenomenon. There is information about research progestin activity of such steroids like nandrolone, norethandrolone, methandrostenolone, testosterone and oxymetholone. But it is not detected any progestin effect in oxymetholone and methandrostenolone. Minor progestin activity of testosterone and has a strong progestogen effect peculiar to nandrolone and norethandrolone. These data suggest that, obviously, oxymetholone can use its internal estrogen receptor itself, about the same, but more active than it does androgen estrogen methandriol. Chemist Patrick Arnold has agreed with our arguments in this regard. He said: “I share your point of view on this matter. Anadrol has an acidic hydrogen in its structure in the A ring near the place where the phenolic acid is hydrogen by estradiol. I think he is a strong substance having an affinity for the estrogen receptors. ”

Obviously, in this case, we can only deal with estrogenic side effects of oxymetholone with such antagonists of estrogen receptors as a Nolvadex® or Clomid®, and not by means of inhibiting the aromatization. Receiving potent means of preventing flavoring like Cytadren and Arimidex®, will not give any results, because this process does not occur in this case.

Anadrol 50® is a very strong androgen and causes pronounced side effects. The increased greasiness of the skin, acne and increased hair growth on the face or body appear very quickly while taking this hormone.Many athletes complain of very severe acne that requires special treatment. In this case, it is considered to be an effective means Accutaine, which regulates the sebaceous glands of the skin and reduces the secretion of sebum. Athletes who have a predisposition to baldness, you need to opt out of receiving Anadrol 50®, since hair loss – one of the possible side effects of action of this agent. It is also necessary to remember that this steroid is not suitable for women. His reception in women can lead to irreversible masculinization, which manifests itself so quickly that you can not have time to do anything.

What is interesting is that Anadrol 50® really has the ability to be converted to dihydrotestosterone, although this does not take place through the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT, as Anadrol already is a hormone created by DHT. Oxymetholone differs from DHT not only additional group with 17 alpha-alkaline (we’ll discuss that below), but also an additional 2-hydroxymethylene group. However, these connections are destroyed in the process of decay, turning in strong performances oxymetholone androgen 17 alpha-methyl dihydrotestosterone (mestanolone, methyldihydrotestosterone). There is no doubt that this biotransformation affect the nature of androgen Anadrol 50®. This is especially noticeable when Anadrol 50® exhibits little activity against the androgen receptor. In connection with this, although we can use finasteride (see:. Proscar®) to reduce the androgenic testosterone symptoms, but it does not help in the case of Anadrol 50®.

Anadrol 50® main drawback is that it is a compound with a group of the alkaline alpha c17. Although this form of making it available for oral administration, this steroid is very toxic to the liver. His technique can be dangerous because you need to take a large amount of the drug at a time. This is especially noticeable when compared to other oral steroids like Dianabol or Winstrol®, which have a similar change in the chemical structure. Since these agents have greater binding affinity to the androgen receptor, they are more effective even in small quantities (5 mg tablets and 2 mg). Anadrol 50® possesses such activity for the androgen receptor may therefore release tablets 50 mg. For comparison, 3 pills Anadrol 50® (150mg) are approximately equal in the action of 30 Dianabol tablets or 75 tablets Winstrol® (!). If we take into account the fact that the doctors recommend taking 1-5 mg per kilogram of hormones, then it follows that a person weighing 100 kg is necessary to take 10 tablets of Anadrol 50® (500mg) daily. It is not surprising that if liver cancer associated with taking steroids, the more often this disease may be caused by Anadrol 50®. In fact, athletes no need to take such a large number of hormones, on average, it can be 1-3 tablets a day. Sometimes it is enough and 1 tablet in order to achieve exceptional results. In addition, more cautious athletes will limit steroid 4-6 weeks, and will also closely monitor liver function during this time. It should also pay attention to the work of the kidneys, as you may encounter fluid retention in the body, or high blood pressure. Starting cycle with the use of Anadrol 50®, it must be remembered that this is not only a potent steroid, but also very toxic hormone.

It is necessary to be attentive to your body and when you stop taking Anadrol 50®. At this point, significantly reduced the liquid level in the body and, therefore, fall and your weight. But this is not a reason for concern. It is necessary to worry about how to restore the natural production of testosterone in the body. During the reception Anadrol 50® level of testosterone produced by the body to fall very quickly and very dramatically, so it is necessary to take further HCG or Clomid® / Nolvadex® at the end of the cycle with Anadrol 50®. In this common practice to end tapering cycle did not affect testosterone levels in the body. If you do not take any extra medication, uncontrolled levels of cortisol lead to a large loss of muscle mass that you gained during the cycle. Taking HCG or Clomid® / Nolvadex® in the right amount, you will be able to save the bulk of the muscle mass. Some athletes also use a softer injection means as Deca-Durabolin ®, which allow us to make new muscles harder. Of course, it is impossible to avoid the weight loss at the end of a steroid cycle, but keep the main muscle mass is necessary. Do not forget about the additional funds during injections Deca, as the production of testosterone in the body is insufficient.


It has become much easier to find a real oxymetholone tablets on the black market. However, there is still a lot of fakes, although today is imported and a large number of these companies produce more drugs.Below we will list the most popular of the known brands and how they can recognize.

Anadrol 50® (US): Anadrol 50® (manufactured by by Unimed, instead Syntex) is rarely found on the black market, but it can spread the doctors and their patients. Do not buy this product if you can not verify that it was received or through a doctor.

Anapolon (UK): A few years ago, this brand is widely counterfeited, but today, it is unlikely you will be able to find it on sale. He was almost removed from service, and today Anapolon can be found only in hospitals.We have no way to check whether this is true, but it is possible, therefore, English Anapolon disappeared from the black market. If you still find it on sale, it will be a fake.

Anapolon (Mexico): This drug is only sold to hospitals and special clinics. Counterfeits are found, but they are easy to recognize. This Anapolon sold in a package of foil and plastic plates in 20 pink tablets. On the back of the packaging foil printed clave 1709, Oximetolona, ​​Anapolon 50, Syntex (and so on. D.). In this case, you can easily recognize the real product. You must beware of bad bottles packed with Anapolon tablets. In most cases they contain 50 pills pink color with the old and Syntex US labeled Anadrol 50® – Syntex / 2902 on each tablet. Such tablets are often sold in a bad package, so be careful when buying, although the pink tablets like this product, but said tablets with the marking – a fake.

Anapolon (Turkey): In fact, there steroid production in Turkey, which is essentially fake. Sold in foil packages 20 and plastic pellets in the plate, the plate 1 in the box. On the reverse side is printed in black Anapolon Tablet, Oksimetolon 50 mg. By purchasing this product, you risk nothing.

Hemogenin (Brazil): Brazilian Hemogenin was very popular a few years ago, although it can still be seen on the US black market. Available 10 tablets in a plate, the plate 1 in the box. The plates are made of plastic golden hue and a very shiny foil on which is printed the trade name and a company logo Hemogenin Sarsa.There were old samples of this product, which are large strips with tablets, as the logos on the foil Sarsa, and Syntex were printed. But such models are long gone on sale. Trust only in the package of modern design.

Kanestron (Mexico): This version of oxymetholone animal only recently appeared on the Mexican market.Manufacturer Loeffler is also known that produces a liquid version Dbol – Refrovit. Kanestron made legally and is more accessible than its version created for use in human beings.

Oxitosona (Spain): A product with this name is not produced since 1993. Any funds with the same name are fake.

Oxitosone (production of different countries): This is the name used clandestine laboratories producing fake Anadrol. Do not buy any funds with the same name.

Oxymetholone (Korea): It is produced in Korea by Han Seo. They are the only manufacturer of this steroid in Korea. To date, the sale can be found different versions of “Korean Anadrol”, so be careful. This product looks very similar to the US steroid available in bottles of 100 tablets, in a narrow red box. A plastic bottle with a red label packaged in a red box. Avoid any product that is different from the specified or produced by another company.

Oxymetholone (Thailand): It is produced in Thailand pharmaceutical company British Dispensary. Sold in bags of 100 tablets and in bottles with tradename Anadrol. In both cases we have the case with tablets mint green color with the number 50 on the same side. Despite the low cost packaging, it is a real and effective product.

Oxymetholone 50 (Mexico): This version of oxymetholone was recently presented at the Mexican market by veterinary Ttokkyo. Despite the abundance of Ttokkyo company’s products, this steroid is also very popular. Sold in bottles of 100 tablets with a special holographic sticker with Ttokkyo company logo.

Oxytrol (Thailand): This brand name fakes Anadrol. Never buy.

Never buy the product with the name Oxymetholone type tablet packs. It’s a fake copy. All existing real steroids of this type have their own trade names rather than one common name for all.