Exercises for the neck

A large number of important functions are performed by the human neck. First of all, the neck muscles make it possible to move the head and neck enclosed important organs such as the trachea and large blood vessels that feed the brain.As well as the neck – it’s a beautiful part of the human body and its developed muscles will certainly attract attention. Since the main feature of the professional athlete is just developed musculature of the neck, which does not hide the clothes.

Training of neck muscles is useful not only in terms of aesthetics, exercises to strengthen the neck muscles will also help to prevent the occurrence of osteochondrosis with sedentary work and help avoid imbalances in the development of muscle groups.

However, the neck – is a special part of the body to be trained properly. Therefore it is necessary to consider how to pump up the muscles of the neck, not to injure the spine, and what exercises are best suited for this.

Rules training of neck muscles

neck muscles require a special approach and before you start to exercise, you need to remember some of the recommendations:

  • to strengthen the neck muscles and increase their volumes do exercises can be no more than twice a week, with ten minutes of intense exercise will be enough;
  • all the exercises for the neck should be performed at a slow pace, increasing the weight load gradually;
  • recommended for beginners to start the exercises under the guidance of an experienced coach to help hone the technique;
  • doing the exercises, you can not quickly yank the head, it is better to maintain a moderate pace with smooth movements;
  • tilting the head to the shoulders, the neck can easily be injured, so at the first sign of discomfort is to abandon the side slopes;
  • any kind of discomfort, and even more so there should be no pain when performing the exercises on your neck;
  • Exercises with weights should not do in case of osteochondrosis, as well as in the acute stages of hypertension and any infectious disease;
  • the load required to choose adequately, excessive resistance or too high weight weighting may lead to serious injury of the neck;
  • before embarking on a neck training, one can not forget the warm-up, in the case of pumping of the neck muscles, warming up is very important – it does not allow hyperextension of loaded muscle and protect against muscle spasms.


In connection with a special sensitivity to stress, neck muscles need to stretch.

Warm-up is as follows:

  • slowly and gently tilt the head to the shoulders and back and forth;
  • make a neat circular movements of the head;
  • tilt the head forward with a slight emphasis palms on the forehead and then his hands, focusing in the occipital region;
  • tilt your head to the shoulders with a slight emphasis in the palm side of the head.

How to build neck in the gym

For the formation of the volume of the neck muscle exercises are ideal with the special equipment in the room. They run regularly allow pump neck quickly and efficiently, as well as strengthen the muscles surrounding it.

Exercises for muscles of the neck, usually performed by one approach, with repetitions of 10-15 times:

  1. Neck flexion with weighting, lying on a bench. Weighting can be used to drive away from the bar, the weight is adjusted individually. The first step is to take a little weight. During the exercise, you need to lie down on his stomach on the bench so that the shoulders coincides with its boundary, and the head is left on weight. Then you need to put on the back of the head and the disk, holding his hands start slowly bend and straighten the neck.A similar exercise can be done lying on a bench with his back, while the disc is placed on the forehead.
  2. The slopes of the head with the collar. To clamp circuit is suspended additional load, after which it is worn on the head. From a standing position or seated need to slowly raise your head, then lowered. To perform this exercise correctly, you must follow the back and the range of motion – back should be flat, and the amplitude of the total with the movement in a straight line.
  3. The slopes of the head with the help of a partner. This exercise is to train the neck is considered one of the most effective, however, it is also the most traumatic. Therefore, it should perform accurately, fully coordinating the actions of a partner. For exercise, you sit on the bench, the chest down to the knees and hug the legs. Partner at the same time starts to press his hands on his head, which is necessary to oppose. The same can be done with a nod of the head back and sides. Resist the pressure required moderately, while team-mate should not abruptly remove the pressure to avoid rare attacks.


These exercises for the neck provides improved brain blood flow, so the first intensive training can cause dizziness and slight discomfort, but when the neck muscles become accustomed to constant stress, discomfort will disappear.


How to build neck at home

Exercises within the gym will give strength and volume of the muscles of the neck. But there is the question of how to pump up the neck at home without the help of professional trainers and special equipment, and what exercises to strengthen the neck muscles can do at home.

There is a certain set of exercises that strengthens the muscles of the neck without the use of special tools by which you can train at home, or anywhere else, for example, in the office and even on the way to work. The core of the complex up exercise on the implementation samosoprotivlenie three sets of 10-15 repetitions.

To quickly pump up the neck muscles at home, you want to do the exercises regularly and most importantly – the right to maintain full range of motion. Before starting any exercise, it is necessary to conduct the workout to warm up your neck muscles and prepare them for loading. Warm-up will include a smooth circular movements of the head, bend over backwards – forward and left – right, and the rotation of the shoulders to warm adjacent to the neck trapezius muscles.

After warm-up, you are ready to exercise complex:

    1. Tilt the head to the chest with a resistance. During the exercise, you need to stretch his hands to the chin and create resistance to tilt the head forward. The degree of resistance can be adjusted independently as bleeding neck muscles.


    1. Tilt your head back to the resistance. In this case, you need to throw in his hands at the back and create a resistance to tilt the head back. When you exercise you need to monitor the amplitude of movement of the neck, keeping the movement in a straight line with a gradual increase in amplitude.


    1. Tilt your head to the side with the resistance. It is necessary to press alternately on the left side of the head, then to the right and against the resistance, tilt your head to the side.



After performing a complete set of exercises the muscles of the neck will be felt easy fatigue, however, when a tangible discomfort, pain or sudden jump in blood pressure should stop the exercises and consult a doctor.


Answering the question of how to pump up the neck at home, professional trainers recommend this particular set of exercises based on samosoprotivlenii. It is not traumatic, it allows you to effectively strengthen neck muscles without a visit to the gym.