How to pump up a trapeze. Methods of training

Trapezoid being at the top of the back group of muscles were combined 3: lat, and deltoid muscles of the neck, forming a flat triangle. Trapezius muscle development determined normal functioning shoulder and neck, prevents the occurrence of damage to the cervical vertebrae, clavicle under loads. For the best form of the trapezoid should work out the muscles in three opposite directions.

  • The upper part of the trapezoid. Raises the entire shoulder girdle and scapula. Top train Schrag (dumbbell and barbell positioning the projectile in front of, laterally of or behind itself).
  • The middle part of the trapezoid. It moves the blade toward the spine. The middle part of the trapezius muscle train, carrying rods in the slope.
  • The lower part of the trapezoid. Lowers the scapula and shoulder girdle. Trains with lifting weights over your head (doing shoulder presses).

How to pump up the muscles of the neck dumbbells? The most effective exercises are trapezoid shrugs. There are a variety of options for their implementation. Shrugs can be carried out with the bar broad or narrow grip, with weights, weights, standing, sitting, on the inclined bench. In each of the options a simple principle – to raise the shoulders as high as possible. During chin ups can be released, enhancing muscle contraction. Before training trapeze should be good to stretch your neck and hands.

Shrugs barbell

The first exercise. Intended for training upper trapezoid. With it formed a powerful expression of the upper back, which makes a massive male figure.
When doing this exercise it is necessary to keep the head upright, attach the elbows, feet and body. Movements are performed only trapezoid muscles.

Stand up. Put your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Grasp the barbell grip on top, which should be shoulder-width apart.

Straighten (the breast should be straightening, bending at the waist). The stay to keep on straightened arms.

On the inhale pull your shoulders up, while trying to reach his shoulders to his ears. Stay at the highest point of 2 seconds, the maximum straining muscles trapezoid.

Exhale and smoothly, without jerks back to the starting position, lowering the shoulders.

This exercise is necessary at the beginning of training trapeze 4 sets of 10 repetitions. The task here is to raise the shoulders as high as possible and to all the rest of the body remained at the same fixed. Turn your head and shoulders at run time can not be, as this may cause injury.

The second exercise. It is to raise the bar to the chin. In this exercise, there is a reduction of the upper and middle trapezoid middle delta. With it creates muscle relief, separated trapeze from the delta. Elbows should look to the side and move only in the plane of the housing. Width grip – less than shoulder width. The wider the grip the more the load will go in delta than it would have, the greater the strain of the trapezoid.
During this exercise, it is necessary to monitor the situation and back posture. Abdominal muscles should be tense all the time.

Take the rod grip on top, stand up straight. Hands in the original position are straight at the elbows. Grief comes to the hips.

Inspiratory muscle strain trapeze and neck, dilute elbows and pull them up. Grif slides along the body from hip to the chin. Stay at the top, the maximum straining muscles working. Elbows at the top should be higher than the shoulders.

Exhale and return to starting position.

Exercise should be done slowly and smoothly. The main rule here – elbows should always look to the side and go up strictly in the plane body, vertically.

To do this, the weight on the bar needed a moderate to be able to control it.


Shrugs with dumbbells

The first exercise. It is the most effective exercise for the trapeze with dumbbells. With this exercise is generated and rises middle and upper trapezoid. Also, thanks to his extended arms, created a powerful neck and back, stand trapeze. It protects the neck when falling from injury. This exercise improves performance in throwing athletes sports such as volleyball, wrestling and tennis.

Before performing necessary to avoid injury, warm up the muscles and shoulders, to hang on the crossbar, carry out a few pull-ups. Posture during the exercises should be correct, keep your head straight, sending a look ahead.

Stand up. Take rugi dumbbells. Put your feet shoulder width apart. The legs should be straight, not tight at the knees. Dumbbells take the palms facing each other and slightly inward, toward the front of the thighs.

On the inhale to lift the shoulders up. Stay at the top, straining the muscles working.

Exhale and return to starting position.

This exercise is performed in the middle of the complex on the trapezius muscles, three sets of 10 repetitions. Shoulders should be lifted straight up. Hands should not be bent at the elbows. The above will be raised shoulders, the stronger will be reduced upper trapezoid muscle and the muscles that raise the blade, which will contribute to the growth of muscle mass. heavy weights should be used. When performing exercises can not rotate the shoulders and lifting them diagonally.


The second exercise. This exercise is designed to practice the bottom of the trapezoid. This part of the trapezius muscle maksimalno works when picked up a man over the head gravity. Isolation exercises on it a little bit. It works bottom of the trapezoid in the complex. For training using dumbbells.

Take dumbbells and sit on the bench, with emphasis. Torso, bringing it closer to the shin.

Dilute hands with dumbbells in hand severely. The arms should be straight.

Flatten hands horizontally, the angle should be 45 degrees. Fix the position – it is the original.

Fold down arms with dumbbells. Exhale. On the inhale to lift the dumbbells up. Pausing at the top, you need to stretch the muscles working.

Exhale, returning to the starting position.

Compared with the barbell, with the help of exercises with dumbbells can be much more elaborate further on the upper part of the trapezoids. When performing exercises with dumbbells in the works include muscles: trapezius, upper back, deltoid, forearm muscles.

During a workout with dumbbells trapezoids should avoid the following errors:

  • When lifting dumbbells should not involve the biceps work for weight lifting.
  • During lifting dumbbells to keep the body straight, do not tilt it forward.
  • It is necessary to correctly choose the weight – at too heavyweight muscles are fully stretch and shrink. Therefore, if the work is felt weak muscle contraction, you need to take a dumbbell with a lower weight.

How to build a trapezoid on the bar

Good build muscle trapeze on the bar, in contrast to the triceps and neck, it is possible, as the pull-up is a major exercise for the trapeze.

Before starting to train the trapezius muscle on the bar should learn the proper tightening.

Particular attention should be paid to the technique of execution. It should be brought to perfection, and only then begin to increase the number of repetitions.

There are 2 variants of the exercises on the horizontal bar – wide grip pull-ups that allow you to get the maximum effect from training. The initial position and most of the movements thus absolutely identical.

The initial situation in both cases is hanging on the bar on the straight arms crossed and knees bent legs. In such position is prevented Swinging by the horizontal bar and the occurrence of the desire to push off from the feet of air.

To perform necessary to place your hands as far as possible from each other and hang on the bar.

Then you need to catch up slowly through the efforts of the muscles. Further down smoothly to the initial position.

Embodiments exercises differ in the location of the endpoint. When the first embodiment are pulled to the crossbar feeding. In the second case it is necessary to withdraw the horizontal bar behind your head. During exercise required to monitor the situation of the head (eyes must be directed upwards) and the elbows (they should be kept pointing at the floor). Biceps while lifting should preferably be in a relaxed state, and the trapeze, on the contrary, should be actively strain. During the pull-up is necessary to try to touch the crossbar upper chest.

Rise and fall should be smooth. Time of movement up and down should be the same. During the exercise you need to control your breathing. When the voltage should exhale and inhale during relaxation. Also worth doing between sets 2-minute break to the muscles at this time recovered. However, it should not be abused by long pauses – due to inactivity can significantly decrease the effectiveness of the training. In addition to the trapezius muscle pull this kind of actively engages round and back muscles.

As can be seen, the trapezius muscle training simple. Moreover, it is effective. any kind of shrugs can be selected for training. The difference in them is only insignificant change in the direction of the work, that is what a trapezoid section will train.


During one training session it is recommended to perform exercises 1-2. For example, one can be with the rod, and the other with a dumbbell.

Large variety of embodiments provides the ability to change them every 2 weeks. Need is to muscles not started to get used to the load.


Train trapezoid muscles leads to the back visually powerful, athletic body is emphasized, as well as fill the void between the shoulder blades.