Technique of squats with a barbell


Squats, along with the bench press and deadlifts, refers to so-called basic exercises, because it allows you to work through a large group of muscles. When performing this exercise are utilized biggest muscle man(Quadriceps femoris, buttocks, back extensors, thigh adductors), which constitute over 60% of the muscle mass in a human. Therefore, their size and appearance of the overall impression of the “inflated” the athlete, his strength and weight.

In addition to the impact on the lumbar and pelvic muscles and thighs, squats have a beneficial effect on the entire human body.

They improve metabolism and literally “run” the process of muscle growth throughout the body, thereby making it easier to gain muscle mass and build strength.


Squats with a barbell on your shoulders

In order to exclude the probability of injury it is recommended to perform this exercise using squat rack. The height of its pillars must be adjusted by the growth.

To remove the rods have to go under it and put your feet shoulder width apart. The rod should be placed closer to the shoulders on the back surface deltoids and trapezius muscle. Grief firmly held hands at an equal distance from its ends.

Before taking off the post, it is necessary to raise his head and save under stress abdominal muscles. Prior to the beginning of sit-ups, make sure your footing is stable and balanced rods. During squats look straight ahead, while maintaining control over the weight and be sure to keep your back in a straight position, or increases the risk of injury in the lumbar region.

Should be lowered as long as the thighs are parallel to the surface, and then a powerful explosive movement should return to its original position.

In order to reduce the load on the knee joints at the top of the movement the knees are not fixed. And to provide additional stability and to maintain the body in an upright position is recommended to wear heavy athletics belt and lap winding bandages.


Squats on his chest (front squats)

This type of squat is often used to reduce the load on the knee joints (reduction of up to 25%), as well as for better study of the quadriceps (quadriceps) and buttocks. In the active participation of all the leg muscles, which act as stabilizers and assistants.

Technique front squat

There are two kinds of grip rod while holding it on his chest:

  • – heavy athletics. Grief gripped a little wider than shoulder width, followed by a crawl under the bar (flex back, chest leans forward and then the rod is received in the chest). Hands should be strongly bent and your elbows pointing forward;
  • – pauerliftingovy. To fix the rods have to stretch your arms forward and crawl under the shell: hollow back, and neck is taken high on the chest. Then the hands are crossed on top and cover the neck. Here it is necessary to raise your elbows as high as possible, which helps prevent rolling neck forward. This grip allows you to actively work through the outside of the quadriceps.

Regardless of the grip neck carried high – it should be located near the beginning of the collarbone and deltoids. You should also keep the back, otherwise the rod can slide forward.

In order to practice the starting position after removal of the neck need to move away from the rack to the back. Legs placed shoulder-width apart and toes slightly outward unfolding. To save the back in a straight position should look right.

Squat should occur smoothly, and the lower point is the position in which manage to maintain equipment, but not below the placing parallel to the surface of the thighs. Heel should not lift off the floor. Upon reaching the lowest point (usually parallel to the floor) should also be smoothly return to its original position, but be more explosive and upward movement. When lifting movement must begin not with issuing the elbows up, and on the chest.

Squatting with a barbell, also need to make sure that the abdomen and pelvis were pulled forward, shoulders set aside a little bit ago. This situation provides an almost perfectly flat back position.

Squats for girls

Due to its physical features the girls do not have a developed upper trapezius muscle bundles, so place them on the bar is not very convenient. To Rod comfortably housed, it is recommended to deploy the chest and shoulders wider. If it is impossible to hold back in the fold flat position allowed the feet to the knees at 45 degrees.

Barbell on your shoulders should be positioned so that the center of gravity falls on the heel and mid-foot, and the heel is not allowed separation from the surface during the exercise.


Girls during sit-ups is recommended to follow the following tips:

  • head, shoulders and hips should be placed on the same lines as during the sit-ups you need to pay attention to the bending angle of the knee, as well as their position relative to the stop;
  • the load must be distributed on the three points of the feet, knees and feet do not extend beyond the line of fingers.

After placing the rod on your shoulders should start slowly bend the legs at the knee joints, the pelvis is pulled back so as if it is necessary to sit on a chair. The maximum level of the legs bend at the knees – 90 degrees and downward movement must stop before reaching the thighs parallel to the floor level of accommodation. Next, you need to return to the starting position.

Girls when performing squats, special attention should be paid to security, as this exercise jeopardizes the knee joints. This is due to the fact that the girls a wider pelvis, so the thighbone to the knee joint is suitable for a large angle, causing the knee to be less stable, and it increases the risk of injury. To reduce the risk it is recommended to put his feet a little wider than shoulder width, and not work with heavy weights.

Technique squats

Squats requires strict adherence to the technology of its execution, or dramatically increase the likelihood of serious injury.

Proper technique of squatting involves the following requirements:

  • During the movement of the chest should stick out forward, and shoulders should be deployed. The main load should be subject to mid-foot, and if the shift occurs at the toes, it increases the risk of loss of balance.
  • The back maintains steady position during all movements. To save it in that position while lifting hips are served slightly forward and your shoulders slightly raised up.
  • From the lowest point rise faster than when lowering. The legs in the lower position should be maintained at a voltage that allows to give greater thrust upward force. The highest point is not permitted acceleration of the motion, ie, lifting should be fast, but smooth. Also, when the output from the lower position you must make sure that the shoulders were moving in rhythm with her hips. By advancing the pelvis and shoulder movement increases the likelihood appears zavalivanija forward.
  • Do not hold your breath while lifting, and in the final phase of the exercise should be to make a powerful exhalation.
  • Between repetitions of the bar should not tilt and sway, and you can not move it on his shoulders (in this case, you must change its status, or put on the rack), and pelvis should be in a fixed state. It is not allowed the transfer of gravity on one leg, the back is in a level position and in constant tension.
  • If it is impossible to get out of the bottom position is necessary to push the bar upwards hands – it will go through a critical point and complete approach.

Hack squats

The main feature Hack squats is that the rod is for the back and held at arm’s length. Due to this reduced pressure on the back, respectively, decreases the risk of injury. In addition, this exercise can be performed without a safety net.

During squats worked well the front surface of the thigh (for it legs about shoulder width apart and toes slightly toward divorce). Load displacement on the inner thigh leg are placed wider, and more socks divorced in hand.

Grief is recommended to keep a straight average grip, and use carpal bandages and heavy athletics belt, especially when squats are performed with heavy weight.

Technique hack squats

Starting position involves setting feet shoulder-width apart with toes slightly deployed, the head looking forward, back straight, arms down along the body and hold the barbell.

Before you start lifting barbells on the floor it is necessary to stretch the entire foot, then should start lifting barbells and straighten the knees. The back should remain straight throughout the lift, and chest should be kept as much as possible straightened. Lowering is performed until the femur will be in a position parallel to the floor.

Application Hack trainer

Hack squats can also perform a special hack simulator. Its use makes it possible to maximize unload the muscles of the torso, with the result that the exercise becomes more isolated.

When working on this simulator are set foot on the platform shoulder width apart, shoulders are placed under special pads, upper back should be tight against the moving platform, legs bent at the knees. Then you take the weight, straighten your knees and off stops.

Squats are made to reach the knees angle of 90 degrees in the upper position of the knees should remain slightly bent. Hack squats are slow, but in the lower and the upper point is not allowed to make stops. Breath should be made on bent legs and exhale – during extension.

The simulator allows you to effectively work out your quads and hamstrings and buttocks muscles. If the legs are placed almost next to each other, that are utilized lateral heads of the quadriceps and inner thigh muscles. At high legs staged on the platform work actively involved hamstrings and buttocks, and for a better study of the front surface of the foot thigh should be at the bottom of the platform.

For more tips on the technique of performing squats with a barbell

To maximize the impact of the exercise, as well as compliance with optimal equipment and all safety measures are recommended:

  • Do not squat with a naked torso, as it leads to a decrease in the stability of the neck on the back. For better fixation of the bar can be applied to the back of a T-shirt or a bit of chalk, it will prevent it from slipping.
  • After receiving the rod you should try not to make any unnecessary movements, especially the head. After all, even a slight turn of the head leads to tilt the neck, which can lead to injury.
  • You should not take the test, if there is pain in your back or knees.
  • You should definitely check disks secure location on the rod, thus it is necessary to use the “locks” that prevent sliding discs.