The best exercises on biceps with dumbbells


Biceps – perhaps the most famous muscle of the human body. Correctly identify its exact position can even people with modest knowledge of anatomy. Called biceps biceps shoulder located on the front side of the humerus, whose function – bending the arm and forearm to the shoulder and elbow joints, respectively.Thanks to the training can significantly increase the amount of muscle in. After all, large biceps – decoration men. And the girl bulging biceps make hands more aesthetic and slim.


Until now, there are disputes which method of pumping this part of the body is the most effective – at the gym, or with dumbbells, but most coaches concurs that the best development of the biceps get at employment with dumbbells.

Exercise for biceps with dumbbells standing

Dumbbells are remarkable in that it is possible to engage in the hall and at home with them. If you have not engaged in power sports, start to train biceps better with a little weight dumbbells. The simplest exercise – to take in each hand, not heavy dumbbells and turn them to bend at the elbow. Do 10-15 repetitions, and after a two-minute rest follow three similar approach. To start the week spend in classes 2-3 if ache after training arm – miss activity. Recommended pumping biceps or triceps together with the breast. vertical program:

  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps standing. Starting position – standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms with dumbbells at the bottom of her hands to the body. Raise your hands, and when the forearm will be parallel to the floor, slowly turn the palms upward (supination). Freeze for a few seconds at the end point. Next, slowly lower the dumbbells, doing everything in reverse order and froze at the top, but in order to avoid injuries do not straighten the arms fully. Perform several sets of 10-20 times. 
  • Lunges with enthusiasm. Starting position – standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms with dumbbells at the bottom, hands and torso. Right foot to make a step forward, bending the knee, left leg stands on the site. At the same time, slowly lift the dumbbells to your shoulders, then return to starting position. Then repeat the exercise has on his left leg. Make 2 sets of 10 times on each leg.
  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps with a towel. Initial position – standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms hanging straight, holding a towel to his position in the dumbbell. On the inhale bend your hands, turning palms outward, and without moving the elbows. The endpoint will grip into the line. After a brief rest, lower your arms slowly. Run 1 approach 20 times.
  • Straight grip standing. Starting position – standing, feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell straight grip. Gently bend your arms, without changing grip. Taking a break at the top, lower your arms. Perform 2 sets of 15 times. 
  • Flexion in the slope. Starting position – standing, leaning so that the body is parallel to the floor, feet wider than shoulder width, free hand rests on his hip, the other hand hanging down, holding the dumbbell grip “hammer”. It inspiratory smoothly bend the arm at the elbow (without moving the shoulder) and bring the dumbbell to the chest, stay at the end point and the lower arm downward smoothly. Do 1 set of 20 times on each hand.
  • Stretching biceps. Starting position – standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands secured behind his back with his hands down. Raise your hands up and drag them, feeling the tension of the biceps. The duration of the act and the number of approaches are strictly individual.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting

Lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting. Technique is the same as that in the vertical version, only to sit on the bench with your back straight, but feet shoulder width apart.

  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting. Starting position – sitting on a bench with your feet shoulder-width apart. One hand rests on his knee, the other with a dumbbell triceps rests on the inside of the knee. Gently bend your arm, not twisting the palm to itself. At the end point stretch the biceps and stand still for a few seconds, exhale lower his arm. Make 2 sets of 10 times on each hand.
  • Dumbbells + ball. Starting position – lying on the ball for fitness, supporting legs balance, his hands to himself. Alternately, lift the dumbbells by bending arms. Perform 3 sets of 15 times.
  • Bench in front of the ball. Starting position – sitting on his knees in front of the ball, the hand with the dumbbell lying on the ball, the other hand rests on his neck does not tilt. Lift the dumbbell at the expense of the biceps by flexing the elbow, and without taking his hand off the ball. Perform 2 sets of 20 times on each hand.
  • Browsing can be done successive folds hands on the incline bench Scott , adjusting its height.
  • Hammer. Exercises such as “hammer” supination palm does not work, we need a neutral grip. Hammer can be performed either standing or sitting on the bench. Starting position – standing or sitting, keep a neutral grip dumbbells, close to the body. On the inhale and bend the elbow, lift the dumbbell to the shoulder, then slowly lower down. Humerus must be vertical. Hammer can be performed either with both hands at once, as well as alternately with one hand. Features of the hammer, if the palm facing down, then loaded the shoulder muscles if supination – then swinging it biceps. Hammer allows you to dial a large enough muscle mass shoulders.
  • The oblique extension arms in different directions. Starting position – sitting on an incline bench, arms bent at the elbows. You need to gently straighten hands with dumbbells, stopping at the end points. Make 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Folds on the horizontal bar. Starting position – lying on a bench, face up, arms (supination) with dumbbells hanging down. Gently bend the elbows, bringing the dumbbells to your shoulders and keeping the forearm parallel to the body. Stopped at the end point, smoothly lower arm. Make 3 sets of 20 times. This exercise will stretch the right long beam biceps is stronger, the more inclined bench.

Remember that overloading your biceps properly, because it will force spending to recover, rather than weight gain. Preferred supination palm, it will help to pump the biceps. And does not constitute a program of repetitive exercise, because it is ineffective. The correct program must include both vertical, not to mention the exercise technique, and horizontal and inclined positions. To avoid muscle adaptation is necessary to revise its program of activities every two weeks. It is desirable to increase the load weight every 2-3 sessions.


We have considered only the exercise with dumbbells, but the program is better to include others, such as the bar, parallel bars, exercise equipment, push-ups. But the lead should still exercise with dumbbells, as recent studies have revealed that the dumbbells help load is distributed evenly throughout the entire movement. In addition to the fortifications, do not forget to stretch the hamstrings, so they do not shorten or lost its elasticity.

Girls, too, can actively engage pumping biceps without fear to be like men. Inflate the same powerful muscles they did not succeed due to anatomical features, but the beautiful form of hands, these exercises provide. So regularly and performing a set of exercises and adhering to the sports diet, you will soon be able to become the owner or the owner of the athletic arms.