Ways to raise the potency at home


Probably, every man at least once in his life faced with such trouble as the problem of erectile dysfunction. Quite often the reason for this state is hidden not in biological age, but in factors that do not depend on the person himself.

Many representatives of the stronger sex, concerned about this problem and instead of seeking help from a doctor, close in themselves, preferring not to tell anyone about the problems. Significantly worsen the situation can self-treatment, during which uncontrolled modern medicines are taken.

Before trying to strengthen the potency in people’s ways, it is necessary to try to establish precisely the cause that provoked this state, otherwise the effect will be temporary.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Provoke problems with potency in men can be a variety of reasons, the most common among which are:

  • age changes;
  • the presence of bad habits – men who smoke a lot, are much more likely to complain about the development of early impotence, in contrast to those of the stronger sex who adhere to a healthy lifestyle;
  • long-term use of certain medications (diuretics, antihistamines).

Such problems can be caused by a variety of diseases, from which impotence appears even in young men:

  1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system – hypertension, atherosclerosis, ischemia.
  2. Failures in the endocrine system – hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc. Most often in the male body there is a lack of testosterone. This phenomenon can be provoked by excessive body weight. The fact is that in the presence of excess weight, the body begins partial replacement of male hormones by female hormones.
  3. Male diseases – diseases of the genitourinary system, malformations of the penis.
  4. Neurological diseases – depressive disorders, Parkinson’s disease, consequences of brain trauma, multiple sclerosis.

raise potency

Prevention of impotence

That in the future it was not necessary to search for methods and means for increase of a potency, it is necessary to care of own health constantly. Prevent this problem will help simple preventive measures aimed at maintaining men’s health:

  1. Benefits for men’s health brings regular intimate life. To ensure that the reproductive system is functioning correctly and properly, it is important to try to maintain an optimal level of testosterone at all times. Thanks to regular lovemaking, it is easy to prevent early libido decline. Experts argue that for men the ideal option is to make love at least twice a week.
  2. It is necessary to try to always adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and completely abandon all bad habits.
  3. We must not forget about the need for a full sleep. Not only for women, but also for men, quality sleep is important, at least 8 hours a day. This time makes it possible to properly function the nervous system, avoiding stresses and depressions. These very reasons often provoke problems with potency.
  4. To maintain sexual health, you need to exercise regularly. The perfect option is to just run around in the morning or practice in the gym. However, do not be very zealous, because excessive loads can have a negative effect on the potency.

Visiting a doctor for a violation of potency

If there were problems with potency, it is only the doctor who can determine the cause and tell what actions to take to solve it. Do not waste time and delay the trip to a specialist, since such actions can aggravate the situation. The doctor will have to offer to undergo the necessary examination, as well as to pass all tests, including:

  • measuring blood pressure;
  • blood test, glucose;
  • determine the level of cholesterol;
  • heart cardiogram;
  • ultrasound.

In more difficult cases, the doctor can send for testing the work of hormones. Taking into account the results of the analyzes, medical treatment will be prescribed.

Pharmaceuticals for potency disorders

Many men, when there are problems with potency, buy in the pharmacy special means – for example, Viagra, Cialis, etc. Today, there is a whole group of such drugs designed to improve the erection. However, such drugs have only a temporary effect, which lasts 2-6 hours.

It is important to remember that these drugs are not able to solve the main problem – erectile dysfunction, but only temporarily eliminate its symptoms.

To completely get rid of this disease, it is necessary to choose the right treatment with medications, but only a doctor can do it. After passing a full course of treatment, a positive result will be seen.

Using herbs at home to raise potency

Back in antiquity, various medicinal herbs were used to get rid of this problem. Thanks to the reception of broths, which contain certain plants, there is a more intense flow of blood to the genitals, while simultaneously relaxing his muscles.

The main advantage of phytotherapy is that properly selected herbs have virtually no contraindications and do not have side effects. However, before starting treatment on your own, it is absolutely necessary to consult Generic Cialis a doctor and read the attached instructions and the available contraindications.

The root of the aura is a beautiful and completely natural substitute for modern drugs designed to increase potency. The plant is used for the preparation of alcohol tincture:

  1. erectile dysfunctionmixed alcohol and air in a ratio of 5:1;
  2. the mixture is poured into a vessel of dark glass;
  3. the medication is insisted for 21 days;
  4. ready tincture is taken three times a day for 20-30 drops;
  5. it is necessary to undergo a full course of treatment, which lasts exactly a month.

Thyme is considered one of the best herbs that help increase potency. For the return of male strength, it is recommended to take infusion from this plant every day. To prepare a medicine 1 tbsp. l. 200 g of boiling water are poured into the raw material. The full course of treatment lasts 5-6 months. Among the merits of this decoction is the fact that it is an effective prophylaxis for the formation of prostatitis.

Ginseng has the ability for a short time to improve erectile function in men. It is best to use a tincture from this plant:

  • take 350 grams of ground ginseng root and add honey;
  • the mixture is left for 20 days, since the medicine must be well insisted;
  • You need to take the finished product three times a day.

How to raise the potency of people’s recipes?

To solve this delicate problem, you need not only to consult a doctor and take decoctions of medicinal herbs, but also not forget about the means of traditional medicine.

Honey Drink

  • To prepare this magic drink, which will help to quickly improve the potency at home, take shredded walnuts (500 g), liquid honey (300 g), aloe juice (100 g).
  • All components are thoroughly mixed, and it is recommended to pass aloe leaves through a meat grinder.
  • The finished medicine is taken with problems with potency each day for 40 g.

Tincture of garlic

  • To make this product, a large glass container is taken.
  • 1 kg of garlic is peeled off and chopped finely, after which it is transferred to a container.
  • The purified water is poured.
  • The mixture is placed in a dark place and left to insist for 15-30 days, with the jar periodically need to shake.
  • Ready garlic tincture is taken for 1 tsp.

White wine

  • For the treatment of erectile dysfunction alone it is necessary to use only quality white wine.
  • This tool has a quick and powerful action, which is why it should be taken very carefully.
  • Mix wine (1 l) and orange or grapefruit juice (0.5 tbsp.), Add lemon (0.5 tbsp.).
  • The composition of honey is introduced (2 tsp) and taken for 0.25 tsp. the following spices – cinnamon, cloves, cardamom.
  • All components are well mixed, after which they are heated.
  • It is important to ensure that the mixture does not start to boil.
  • Then the drink is left for a while, until it cools down and is placed for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, so that it is well brewed.
  • The finished product must be filtered and taken immediately before intimacy.

Nutrition for increasing potency

The diet has a direct effect on men’s health. For example, people in North America, many years ago, found that nuts and eggs have a potent effect on magic. Eastern practitioners say that to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, it is enough to regularly use blood from snakes, testes, and other delicacies.

nutrition for increasing potency

To restore male strength, it is recommended to add the following foods to your diet:

  1. Nuts. This product is considered high-calorie, but it has a positive effect on men’s health. It is recommended to use 5-6 times a week walnuts almonds or peanuts. They can be eaten not only in pure form, but also added to cereals, salads, pilaf and pastries.
  2. Garlic. This product helps improve the performance of the male system, so you need to use it regularly. Very yummy, cooked with garlic and onion is very tasty and useful.
  3. Greenery. Many representatives of the stronger sex underestimate the benefits of parsley, dill and spinach. And in vain, because it is these products that are able to give sexual energy and have a stimulating effect on the functioning of the entire sexual system of the male body.
  4. Spices. First of all, the diet should include ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. They can be added, as in baking, and in any other dish.
  5. Seafood. Scientists have been able to prove that it is oysters and shellfish that help to quickly strengthen potency, and therefore are among the strong and completely natural aphrodisiacs. Therefore, it helps to increase libido not only in men, but also in women.
  6. Meat. Approximately 25% of the daily diet of men should consist of proteins of animal origin, as well as dairy products.
  7. Flax-seed. This product helps to quickly improve the erectile function of the male body. This effect is given by sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Knowing what causes can cause erectile dysfunction, it is possible to prevent the development of this problem in time if you adhere to proper nutrition and do not forget to lead a healthy lifestyle, and also not to carry out preventive measures.